Limestone Commercial is Celebrating Universal Plant Services’ New Headquarters in Deer Park, TX.

Universal Plant Services 1

80,613 SF Office Space
$5,741,354 in Savings to the Client

4460 Highway 225 in Deer Park, TX is the new home for Universal Plant Services’ Headquarters.

This new headquarters brings UPS employees that previously worked in seven different buildings under one roof. Having our team together is a significant step forward in our efforts to achieve best practices. We’ve arranged our teams in sequential order of how we manage projects. Similar to a relay race, this set-up reflects our process of bringing on clients, setting them up to be best supported within our systems, and then delivering exceptional service again and again. The functional areas of our company have been combined across service lines and regions into departments to allow for easier collaboration. The hiring center has nearly doubled in size with a private entrance and improved amenities for applicants. The state-of-the-art training room, equipped with projection equipment, drop-down screens, and white boards, can hold 100 people in total or be re-configured with flex walls to create three smaller training rooms. The UPS Café offers a roomy, relaxing space for lunch breaks with seating for 50. The two very large floors of our building are designed similar to an open concept home with ample open work spaces basked in natural light. 

This building fully supports our level of professionalism and business excellence. 

Universal Plant Services &

Coastal Testing Laboratories

Limestone Commercial is celebrating the sale of 1217 & 1221 Georgia Ave in Deer Park TX.

Universal Plant Services 2

11,550 SF

1217 & 1221 Georgia Ave in Deer Park TX was recently sold to Coastal Testing Laboratory. Coastal Testing Laboratory is an engineering, consulting, and testing firm that specializes in construction material testing and engineering, including earthwork, asphalt, steel reinforcement inspections and concrete testing. They relocated their HQ and operations to the new site in order to meet their growing company’s needs.

As a result of their consolidation, Universal Plant Services identified the 1217 & 1221 Georgia Avenue Buildings as surplus properties. As one of our multimarket clients, Limestone Commercial Real Estate assisted UPS in taking their properties to market. Limestone worked with Coastal Testing Laboratories and their broker to facilitate the successful transaction meeting the needs of both parties.

Limestone is celebrating Universal Plant Services’ relocation to Broussard Louisiana.

Universal Plant Services 3

21,000 SF
$1,300,000 in Savings

3913 Highway 90, Broussard, LA will be the new home for Universal Plant’s full-service machine shop serving customers across the nation. The facility has a significant impact on operational efficiency. Three shops were consolidated into one. It also provides better proximity to customers and employees.

Universal Plant Services is the only specialist in rotating, fixed, reciprocating, and electrical equipment in the United States. Universal Plant Services is your single source for service expertise, innovative solutions, and a superior customer-focused experience.

Universal Plant Services 4

Specialty service providers for the energy industry with a mission ”to be the leader in integrated specialty services for our clients and our team, now and into the future.”

For more than 30 years, UPS has provided expert services designed around maximizing the critical assets of the energy industry.

Limestone Commercial has provided a cumulative savings of $7,291,354.19 to Universal Plant Services to date.

In the past, UPS has always used brokers that are national in scope. With Limestone, we reversed that trend and took a chance on a local broker with affiliations that span the Lower 48. Our decision to team with Limestone bore fruit almost instantly as we got to see their team in action as they worked effectively with all parties to help craft a sizeable deal on a new headquarters for the company. In addition, Limestone put us on a more proactive path with our leased properties throughout the United States aiding us in being more timely in dealing with upcoming renewals. In short, Limestone has quickly become a valuable extension to our
internal real estate team.