“That’s it. They’re not coming back. Get me out of this office space.” This is the message I received from my client who was deep into expansion planning before the pandemic.

Are you sitting in your office alone, again today?  This may be the loneliest season for business leaders in our lifetime.  Our ability to pivot is critical to survival. Courageous decision-making sets us apart.  How we do each of these defines our leadership style and so goes the culture of our organizations.  Beyond all of these crucial skills lies the biggest challenge for business leaders today: knowing when to say when.

When to expand or cut back
When to trust a new bank
When to cut the cord with a business partner
When to sell or buy
When to partner
When to cancel a product launch
When to borrow more
When to stop accepting average performance
When lay down pride
When to stand in faith
When to speak the future into today

The answers are different for each of us.

Go back to your WHY.  Why did you start or buy this business?  What gives you the most joy in it today?  When you go back to living, serving, building out of your gifts, the how matters less.

We help business leaders make great real estate decisions. Our passion is serving at our highest to empower your best.  The way we do it is changing.