A Decision Maker’s Guide to Managing Return-to-Work

Written by: Brandi McDonald Sikes

Does this sound familiar? If it does, you may be one of many leaders coordinating your company’s return-to-work efforts. You are not alone in having to answer this question. Being in the office fosters creativity, collaboration, and productivity – but what do you tell employees who may be reluctant to return amidst safety concerns, long commute times, or are just not able to see the value in returning to the office? Here a few things to keep in mind:

1. Safety First: Returning to the office in our post-pandemic world will naturally shift by necessity. Desk partitions will be higher, common areas will be open, and office shut-down plans will be the norm. Providing a collaborative and social space while ensuring the safety of employees is, of course, a company’s number one priority.

2. Remember that hybrid work is the future – According to a study by Accenture, over 80% of employees believe a hybrid work model is ideal and works well across all age groups. Professionals miss the social aspect of the office, but now know that flexibility increases their happiness and quality of work.

3. Employee experience is everything. Over 70% of decision makers say employee engagement is crucial to success. It is no wonder it has become a priority for many organizations as their employees experience burn-out from long days of remote work. Employers can disrupt the fatigue by finding a space where employees can work and play. Newly built centers in the suburbs, mixed-use spaces with restaurants, or an office with a world-class gym will add to your employees’ experience.

4. Encourage your employees to weigh in on where they want to work – do they want a hygienic space in the suburbs, more access to green space, or collaborative areas where they can have authentic conversations? Having your employees have a voice in where they work is key in a post-pandemic world and key to where your next creative center will be.

Serving beyond the transaction is one of Limestone CRE’s core values. We strategically partner with businesses in facets beyond commercial real estate. If your company is ready to return to the office, Eddie Bracewell at Limestone CRE can help you find the right space for your company’s culture, employee experience, and productivity.


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