Houston Corporate Project Consulting Firm

At Limestone, our Houston corporate project consulting firm strives to provide meaningful and constructive advice for the long-term benefit of your brand. For many years, we have worked alongside many real estate directors with the purpose of fine- tuning our process, so that we can continue to serve our clients at the highest level. The ultimate goal of our consulting services is to empower the leaders of your organization. It is these decades of experience and perfected practices which has made Limestone the foremost corporate project consulting firm in Houston, TX.


Our Services deliver excellent results.

Tenant Representation

Limestone provides tenant representation for office and industrial occupiers.


Portfolio Management Services

Decades of experience is the foundation rock of Limestone’s Portfolio Management Services.

HQ Consulting & Execution

Limestone helps corporations design and traverse large headquarter decisions.



We have HQ experience and are passionate about startups. 

How Limestone’s corporate project consulting firm stands out

The significance of corporate real estate for all businesses continues to grow. As a result, Limestone’s Houston corporate project consulting services would be crucial for the well-being and expansion of your company for the years to come. What sets our Houston corporate project consulting firm from our competitors is the stress that we place on the education of our staff. We pride ourselves by remaining on the cutting edge of enterprise alignment, the impact of transactions on financial statements, and portfolio management—all of which are among the most instrumental factors that contribute to sustained business growth.

Our Team

Here at Limestone, our goal is to surprise you with great service, make the process of procuring commercial real estate seamless and see your business flourish.

Corporate Project Consulting Firm Services in Houston TX


Office Spaces for New Businesses Rental Pricing Rates in Houston TX



Corporate Project Consulting Firm Services in Houston TX


Executive Client Services

Answer your questions with Limestone’s Consulting Firm Services

Another aspect which sets our corporate project consulting services in Houston, TX apart from all others is our holistic approach to corporate real estate consultation. Our corporate project consulting firm in Houston, TX helps you answer questions such as:

  • What is the significance of corporate real estate within your company?
  • What tools and strategies are being utilized to optimize your portfolio?
  • What resources could be added to further set your team up for success?
  • What could be outsourced?
  • And lastly, how do you drive consistent results across your enterprise?

Our Houston corporate project consulting firm will not only help you answer those questions, but also further align your business for exponential success.