Houston Commercial Real Estate Startup Consulting

In the arena of Houston commercial real estate startup consulting, Limestone Commercial has become synonymous with quality. Commercial real estate startup consulting in Houston TX is an important part of what makes Houston such a hub of startups. Competition among these various startups can be fierce, which is why Limestone Commercial’s Houston commercial real estate consulting services are indispensable.

Traversing the complicated domain of commercial real estate requires the experience that can be found at Limestone Commercial. Our tenant representation services have received acclaim from the industry due to our ability to provide custom-made services for each client and setting, an excellent reflection of our commercial real estate consulting services in Houston TX.


Our Services deliver excellent results.

Tenant Representation

Limestone provides tenant representation for office and industrial occupiers.


Portfolio Management Services

Decades of experience is the foundation rock of Limestone’s Portfolio Management Services.

HQ Consulting & Execution

Limestone helps corporations design and traverse large headquarter decisions.



We have HQ experience and are passionate about startups. 

Why our real estate startup consulting services work for you

At Limestone Commercial, we go above and beyond what is expected. This is why our Houston commercial real estate startup consulting is so effective. We can provide guidance that is influenced by both our experience and market intelligence. We have spent years cultivating this knowledge and we encourage any business to utilize our resources.

When a business engages Limestone Commercial for consulting, it gives them an edge over the competition. We work harder than other companies to guarantee the best Houston commercial real estate startup consulting. We offer customized solutions and a personal service that are unparalleled. At Limestone Commercial, we are constantly innovating and updating our methods to improve your experience.

Our Team

Here at Limestone, our goal is to surprise you with great service, make the process of procuring commercial real estate seamless and see your business flourish.

Commercial Real Estate Startup Consulting Services in Houston TX


Office Spaces for New Businesses Rental Pricing Rates in Houston TX



Commercial Real Estate Startup Consulting Services in Houston TX


Executive Client Services

Hire Limestone Commercial for your #1 Real Estate Consulting Services

We believe that it is important to understand the past, but always look to the future. Whereas other companies may become complacent and stuck in their ways, we are always innovating, and that enables us to be prepared for situations that others might not be. We always put forth maximum effort to benefit our clients, and enable them to perform at their best. Hiring Limestone Commercial means that you will not have to worry about real estate, and can instead focus on the startup itself.